Sun Machinery is proud to be a Distributor of Allied Wagner Products

The legacy continues with the Wagner product line. These products range from 2WD and 4WD Logstackers, Chip Dozers, Coal Dozers, Steel Slab Handlers, Steel Coil Handlers and Heavy Lift Transporters. Allied Systems is not only the OEM, but also provides used, rebuilt, remanufactured and rental machines. The flagship Logstackers range in capacity from 60,000 lb to 160,000 lb capacity for short wood to tree length logs. The unique design of the Chip Dozers allows it to push as much load in front of the bucket as it is carrying inside of it for maximum productivity of up to 100 cubic yards per pass. Decades of success prove that the Wagner products are the highest performing, most productive, safest and longest lasting material handling machines in the industry. Wagner is able to provide the best products while maintaining the lowest total cost of ownership by providing equipment that is purpose built for each application.

In addition to providing Wagner machines, Sun Machinery also provides Wagner parts as a distributor of Wagner products.